Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 8 exploring - an attempt at Passo Giovo, but the dirt and rocky road turned me around.

Lots of pictures today, so I will keep the description to a minimum.  I studied the maps pretty well, and everything suggested that the road to Passo Giovo then over to the main Abetone road would be a pretty major road and paved reasonably all the way.  It was a beautiful road, but around 15 kilometers up the road the surface got quite rough, but still paved.  Just after the Rifugio, it turned to dirt.  Still planning the pass, the dirt turned quite rocky, and I stopped and checked my map.  It certainly appeared I only had around a kilometer or two to the pass, but after that, another 6 to 8 kilometers over to the road below Abetone.  So, I turned around, but still enjoyed the exploration.  I guess the way you find these things out is by giving them a try.  It is a beautiful area, but now I know why the only riders I saw as I descended asked how far it was to the Rifugio.  All in all, still learning the area.

Attempt at Passo Giovo - rough dirt road stopped me a little short. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Climbing up the valley, the big mountains start to show themselves
in the distance.

I found this beautiful water source that two women appear to have
set up and take care of.  There names are in stone plaques, and there
are flowers planted around the fountain.  

I certainly climbed and climbed, and at this point I could see
the sea in the distance.  What a beautiful, clear day.

Another fountain, perhaps even prettier, another couple hundred
vertical meters above the last one.  The big mountains are close now,
as were my hopes for the pass.

A couple kilometers after the last water fountain, I came to this
Rifugio, where they were open and serving lunch.  I declined, as 
I was still planning on the pass and the loop through Abetone.

Around 200 meters past the Rifugio, the road turned to dirt, then 
quite rocky dirt.  The picture below is of a beautiful little hillside
town around 500 vertical meters below where I got to.  

On the way back, the famous bridge of the devil.  I have no 
idea why it is named this.  It is a popular spot for visitors,
and someone always seems to be walking on the old bridge.

A very nice little detour on the way back toward Mastiano, brings
one up a little climb of around 100 meters, with this beautiful 
church above on the hill.  Che bella!

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