Monday, August 4, 2014

Monte Morello with a time trial from Sesto to the apartment.

I was planning a day off, but the electricians who were coming to the apartment to look at some work called at 2:30, when they were supposed to be here at 2, to say it would be 4:30.  So, rather than sitting around getting slightly angry waiting for them, I decided on a quick ride.  Monte Morello jumped into my brain, as I know it is around 1:45 to ride the route.  I figured I had 2 hours, but by the time I got going, I only had 1-1/2 hours.  I enjoyed the climb to Pratolino, then stopped for water, and checking the time, I knew it was time to go.  The remaining climb to Monte Morello is really nice, around 2%, and you can really push it.  I did, and by the time I was descending, after walking around the serious frana, I arrived in Sesto Fiorentina with around 20 minutes to get home on time.  Well, as I am super anal about time, it was time for a time trial effort.  (wow, that is a lot of times to use time in one sentence, and it just seems to keep happening)  I really pushed it from Sesto to the apartment and was at the door to the building with 3 minutes to spare.  It made me feel good, anyway.  Ciao a tutti.

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Another one of my favorite water fountains in Pratolino.
I have no idea why this photo turned out so fuzzy, but 
included it anyway.  I guess this is what happens when
I try to get "arty" with the bike in the photo.

Some serious frana (rough road) at the closure on the Monte
Morello road.  It is only a 25 meter walk around it, so it makes
the road perfect for riding now, with little or no traffic.  Sweet!

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