Friday, August 29, 2014

Lastra, Pinone, Limite, Montelupo, Firenze.

I had a nice almost 3 hour ride today, and for some reason, the garmin lost all the data after I finished while I went out for a beer.  When I returned Emily was in the middle of doing the floors, so I went for a beer, which was enjoyable.  I had looked at the data as I finished, so at least I know what it was. The ride was around 72 kilometers in around 3 hours with an average speed of 26 kph with around 550 meters of climbing.  You really get used to the garmin data, so not having it is a little difficult.  

I left through the Cascine, then out the back roads to Signa, then up to Carmignano and Pinone.  Water in Pinone with the required head dousing.  I also stopped in Carmignano for water and head dousing, which is around 1/2 way up the climb.  From Pinone, I took the first descent to Limite, which is simply a great descent.  Great road, fun.  From Limite, I took the simple way back to Montelupo, then the river road back to Lastra a Signa.  From there I was able to find the back way the team normally goes out to Lastra, and got back into town and home.  It was pretty hot out there and I would guess the average temperature at 93.  Sorry about the lost garmin data.

A great view back to the valley from the climb between 
Carmignano and Pinone.

Climbing toward the Ombrone valley.

Climbing up the Ombrone river valley to Comeana

I like the villa on the hill in this picture, it is framed by trees.  It
does not show as well as I would like here, though.

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