Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medium length ride in some hot weather today

Lots of paperwork this morning, a couple of email answers for September tours and catching up on invoices for other operators I work for.  Anyway, it was 12:30 by the time I was suiting up, with really beautiful weather outside, and I had plenty of time for the ride that popped into my mind.  After a good effort yesterday, I did not know how my energy level would be, but with a little less speed, all was fine.

I took off through town, then out to Ponte a Ema to access Via Carota to climb to Osteria Nuova.  Love this road.  From Osteria Nuova, it is a fast climb to San Donato, and the first water refill and head dousing.  It didn't feel that hot, but it was sunny, and the average temperature for the ride, which includes the sun's effect was 92, so the head soakings were reasonable.  From San Donato in Collina, it is a fast descent to the turn in Cellai to get on the road over to Bombone.  I love this road as well, and seem to choose this ride often when my time is limited to around 3 hours or less.  It is a pretty nice climb, then lots of ups and downs to Bombone, when you start a real descent that levels off for a few kilometers around Torri, where I took my second water and head soaking stop.  A little climb after Torri, then a big, fun descent to Rosano.

From Rosano, it is a fast, head down crank over to the main road and down past Sieci to the turn off for Monteloro.  I enjoyed the Monteloro climb, although I was not real fast, and stopped again just past Monteloro at the new fountain there.  Excellent, very cold water there which was much appreciated.  The climb is mostly over now, but there is a gradual climb for another 150 vertical meters, then a short descent to the Fiesole road.  I decided to go up from there to cut over through Olmo and down Via Faentina for the day's big descent home to Firenze.  Another fun day of riding here in Tuscany.  The garmin link is below.  Ciao.

Carota, Cellai, Bombone, Sieci, Monteloro, Olmo, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Love this road between Cellai and Bombone.  Che Bella!

Looking to the East and Monte Secchiette just after the first 
climb from the turn in Cellai.

There are a lot of little climbs like this after you turn toward Bombone.
One of my favorite roads, tiny, interesting, and challenging.

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