Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Short-ish ride relatively close to home - Mastiano, Valdottavio, Fiano, San Martino.

Emily had some friends coming, so we agreed that it would be good if I was home by 12:30.  That was fine, and I had a nice 2 plus hour ride.  I rode out through Mastiano, on this super pretty road that starts quite close to where we are staying.  I had hoped to find a road that the map said would hook me up to the next valley over and Domezzano, which I have ridden through before, but the road was either dirt or did not exist.  I am thinking it must be dirt.  I kept looking for an option, and found a road that climbed to an old church ruin.  I started up this road, but it soon became obvious that it dead ended at the church, and with limited time, I turned around and rode down through Aquiela to the road on this side of the Serchio.  I rode the old road there until it ended, and had to hook up with the main "highway" road.  Only around 1 kilometer on the main road, and I turned off for Valdottavio, and climbed the valley to the road that climbed up and over to Fiano.

I had ridden this a couple of times the opposite direction, and it is kind of amazing how different the road seems in a different direction.  While climbing, you look around more, and while descending you have to concentrate on the road and what is coming up next.  Multiple, fun switchbacks on the descent from Fiano.  Back to San Martino in Freddana, then back home as fast as possible on the Cammiore road.  Really nice ride, and I think as close as I will get to a rest day, as I have limited time here.  Ciao.

With guests arriving, a short close in ride - 2 plus hours by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Mastiano, around 10 minutes from the house on a super
pretty road.  Lucky to be here.

Just another beautiful, tiny road to ride in Tuscany.  

Rolling down into Fiano, for the first time, there is a nice view of
the church and bell tower.  I have climbed through here a couple
of times before - nice change today.

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