Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fun day wandering tiny roads around San Quirico di Moriano.

I had a blast riding today!  I explored many tiny roads relatively close to where we are staying, as the forecast was for showers, and I even had hard rain in Loppeglia.  I started by taking a road very close to the house, which climbs immediately above the back porch, where we spend most of our time at the house.  I have seen vehicles on the road, and now I know where it goes.  It is steep in places, and my plan was to take another road to the top of a small (550 meter) mountain, then retrace and explore.  I found the road, but it was not in good shape, it became quite steep, around 20 to 25%, and I was getting buzzed by a cloud of flys.  It made me turn around, which was a good idea.  I need to stay safe out there, and 25% with a beat up surface and gravel in places spells trouble.  I did find a very nice road and route through Arsina, which took me down to the valley the road to Camaiore goes through.

A kilometer or so on the Camaiore road, then another exploration through Mutigliano, which turned into a great ride, up to Pieve San Stefano.  There were even maps on big signs that helped me determine the route.  I had to change the plan a little with a road closure, but the road I ended up on was so fun, it switchbacked endlessly before heading back down to the valley of the Camaiore road.  I ended up maybe 150 meters above where I started, but totally enjoyed the detour.  Fun road.  It is not about getting somewhere, but enjoying the ride.  I rode up the Camaiore road to San Martino in Freddana, and turned off toward Loppeglia.  The road is great, I rode it a couple of days ago, but today it started raining hard as I hit the town.  There was a bar with a covered outside space right there when the rain hit, and I used it for shelter and a cafe.  The owner said that the weather would continue to be some rain, some sun.

I had planned a tiny road that branched off just before the cafe, but it was tiny, steep, and with the rain and the skies threatening more, I headed up the same way I went a couple of days ago.  I crested the hill, enjoyed the descent, and turned off on a different road toward the Serchio valley.  I found another road I was hoping to ride and climbed to Fondagno, then Partigliano before descending into another valley that also goes to the Serchio.  Checking the map in Valdottavo, I saw another detour through San Donato and Domazzano, which was another fun, tiny road.  The sky was really turning black as I joined the old main road on the Serchio river, then decided to skip a last detour, and rode back through Ponte a Moriano.  Back at Pio's for may end of ride beer, then home in some sprinkles.  Super fun day of riding.  Ciao a tutti!

Wandering the small roads close in to San Quirico di Moriano by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The road just leaving Mutigliano, the start of my second
road exploration of the day.

The beautiful road climbing from Mutigliano.

The church in Pieve San Stefano.  Just after this location, the road 
descended in countless switchbacks for 5 kilometers or so.  Sweet!

The church in Partigliano, still exploring tiny, new roads.
This one was really fun.

The church in the tiny town of San Donato, on the last small 
road explored today.

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