Monday, August 18, 2014

Pescia, Dieci Castelli, and return. Great day!

Even though I was feeling the need for a day off, the weather is just perfect now, and is predicted to be worse later, so I was out again.  I rode the "Dieci Castelli" route above Pescia today.  Friends who visit often in April always spend at least a week in Pescia and love the riding there.  I spent four days riding with them there 2-1/2 years ago, and enjoyed it and remembered this route in particular.  So, I rode this very scenic and fun route today.  I started by taking a better route to Pescia than the one I returned from Collodi on the other day, which was nice.  Still a busy road, but fine.  I found Pescia and the route easily, remembering the basic route from the past, along with doing some map studying the night before.

The route for the 10 castles is really nice.  The biggest climb is to the first of the towns you really pass very close to, San Quirico.  After that, the roads climb slightly, but never very steep the remainder of the way.  I enjoyed the roads, and it was interesting to see reality versus memory.  I had recalled the roads in places being "tiny", and they were small at times, with two cars having trouble to pass.  But I ride much smaller roads all the time now, so they did not seem so small.  I descended from Lanciole, as I recalled this descent as super fun.  It was long, and quite nice, and I enjoyed it the second time.  Back in Pescia, I looked for the gelateria we had frequented on my last trip there, and alas, it was gone and a bar was in it's place.  Oh well.  I rode back to San Quirico di Moriano, and had an end of the ride beer at Pio's.  Another great day riding here from outside of Lucca.

Here is the garmin link for the ride:

Pescia and Dieci Castelli, return. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Approaching San Quirico, one of the first of the 10 towns 
with Castles.  

Approaching another of the deice castelli, these really small, 
beautiful towns on this riding route.

Pontito, one of the last of the 10 "castle" towns.
Pretty, perched up on the hillside.

Had to have a fountain picture, and this one is unique.  Water
from two different drainages are available on either side of this
fountain, with faces spouting water out of their mouths.

Lanciole, the last of the 10 towns.  What a fun day.

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