Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Santa Brigida, Rufina, Diacetto for the first time in a few months.

I think looking at strava made me think of the ride I did today.  I had not done it since April, as I looked it up to see how long it would take, and did not find it until looking at April, and then it was with clients, so the timing was what is was, which was fine.  When I started, the weather was really threatening, and I took my real rain jacket, and was thinking I might have to turn around.  But, as I rode up from Pian de Mugnone to Fiesole, the skies cleared, and I had pretty perfect weather for the tour.  From Fiesole, I took the main road toward Croce alle Vetta, then enjoyed the downhill to the turn off for Santa Brigida.

I stopped in Santa Brigida for some of the excellent water there, then continued through Fornello, Doccia, Molino de Vento (the Windmill), to the descent to Rufina.  Sweet riding.  I stopped in Rufina at an excellent pasticeria, and had a cafe and Bombolone, which is a cream filled sort of doughnut without the hole in the middle.  Great energy food.  The climb to Diacetto is a favorite, and today it was wonderful.  After Diacetto, I cruised down and over to Pelago, then back to the main road to descend to Pontasieve.  From Pontasieve, it was the normal head down crank on back into Firenze, although today, I had to battle a 15 mph headwind.  It could be worse.  Great ride which I really enjoyed.

The promised weather did come in later in the day when I went over to help Emily with the grandchildren.  A whole day with both of them is a total handful these days, and Emily certainly seemed to want some help.  She is just super good with both the kids, but a 3-1/2 year old boy and a 5-1/2 year old girl take a huge amount of effort on a 12 hour day.  So, I helped a little, but she did the heavy lifting with them, which is pretty normal.  Ciao at tutti!

Faentina, Fiesole, Doccia, Rufina, Diacetto, Pelago, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Coming into Fornello.

Coming up to Doccia.

Another favorite water spot, around 1/2 the way between 
Rufina and Diacetto.

A view to the Southwest close to Diacetto.  Che bella!

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