Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Climbing into the clouds at Montesenario.

I had a nice 2-1/2 hour ride today.  It was kind of sprinkling the whole ride, and it definitely got cooler as 
I climbed.  The objective today was Montesenario, one of the high points close to Florence, so I enjoyed 
the changing weather and encroaching clouds as I climbed today.  I had not ridden much of the ride today
for a while, and most of what I rode is stuff I often ride, so it was nice to be back in this area.  I started out
riding through Le Cure, then up the back road to San Domenico.  On up toward Fiesole, turning of to descend
to Maiano and San Martino to start the Vincigliata climb.  Good climb, then I continued the climb to the 
Vette alle Croce area.  On the way, I put on my arm warmers for the first time since May, and it felt good.
I rode over toward Bivigliano, then took the turn off to climb to Montesenario.  The weather socked in as
I climbed, but it was really kind of nice climbing into the clouds.  It did not ever really rain, just kind of 
sprinkled the whole ride.  

I descended from Montesenario through Bivigliano, then through Viliani and Caselline to Pratolino.  From
Pratolino, I decided to take it straight home, as I was getting a little cold, and at times the rain increased
to be real rain.  So, a nice descent back home and the weather was nicer in the valley.  Good day climbing
into the fall temperatures and the clouds, though. 

Here is the garmin link for the ride.  I hope it works, as when I tried my normal way of linking the garmin 
site to the blog, I simply got a message saying error.

Starting up the road to Montesenario.

Nice and green and it doesn't look like it is sprinkling, but it is.

The forest is getting dark on the spur road climbing to 

The gates to the sanctuary are ahead, and so are the clouds
I was climbing into.

The top of the hill, and the sanctuary at Montesenario in the 
clouds on the first really chilly ride since May.

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