Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet and Greet to Impruneta, Ferrone, then solo Panzano, La Piazza, Firenze.

I met Todd and Florence Walker at the shop and we got everything set up to leave town and get them started on their 5 day tour.  It was an interesting day to guide people out of town, as a large event, "Corri la Vita" with around 35,000 participants was underway, with a running race and walk through town.  I realized that I am making progress with my Italian, as I was able to communicate without any real hesitation with the police to see where we were allowed to go.  With a little effort and some slight difficulties, we made it out of town.  Todd and Florence are a very nice couple from outside of Toronto, and were starting a 5 day self guided tour.  My normal job for this work is to get them to Impruneta, then have a cafe and review maps, answer questions, etc. and send them on their way.  Yesterday, there was a huge event in Impruneta, and riding / walking into Impruneta, it was apparent that we needed to put together a plan B.

The festival of the grape in Impruneta is huge, and it was fun to navigate around the parade floats to the town square.  It was way to crowded to do the normal thing, so we descended to Ferrone where I found a cafe and we had a cafe, pastries, and reviewed maps there.  I think they will be fine on their tour and have a great weather forecast for their ride.  I left them there and rode out through Greve to Panzano, then descended toward the La Piazza cut off, but took a small detour to meet one of my daughter's best high school friends at a winery, Monte Bernardi, and had a short chat with her there.  She was there to help with the harvest, and has her own wine label in the US, along with being the wine person for a few New York restaurants.  I thought it would just be her, but there was a group of around 20 helping with the harvest, and they were having lunch as I arrived.  I turned down what looked like an amazing meal, as I had 50 k left to ride to get home.  A beautiful property, and really nice to catch up with a young lady that spent a lot of time at our house when Kate was in high school.

From the Monte Bernandi property, I finished the descent and took the turn to La Piazza.  It was another perfect day to be riding and it was just stunning to ride this wonderful route yesterday.  From La Piazza up and over to San Donato in Poggio, then down to Sambuca, up to San Casciano, then back home through Chiesa Nuova and Scandicci.  Quickly showered and out to meet a couple for a glass of wine that Emily had set up.  It is busy and social time for us right now, and I am doing what I can to enjoy.  Here is the garmin link for the day:

Meet and greet plus Panzano, La Piazza, San Casciano by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

My clients for the morning in Ferrone where we reviewed maps
and said goodbye.  They are off on a 5 day self-guided tour.

View to the southwest on the descent from Panzano toward 
the cut off to La Piazza.

Such a beautiful day riding in the Chianti countryside.

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