Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday morning team ride.

I motivated to get up and ride with the team this morning, as tomorrow is a work tour.  I did not expect many people and was surprised to have 6 people there for the ride.  Tomorrow is one of the year's big cycling events here, and I made a small mistake by not blocking out the date on my calendar and accepted a work tour a couple months ago.  I will miss riding the event, but I like and need work, so it is fine.  We have 22 from the team riding so it should be fun for all.  I think only 5 are doing the "granfondo" length, which is what I would have done.  I may try to catch some of the participants tomorrow after my work ride is complete, but I shall see what happens.  Anyway, I hope everyone riding has a great day.

We met at Illiopesca, then rode through Scandicci to the road to Galluzzo, then out past Tavernuzze to Greve.  We had a small enough group that we stayed together pretty good on the way out, with no one feeling the need to press the pace so the group broke apart.  We even picked up a person for most of the ride.  After Greve, we broke up for the hill climb to Panzano.  Cafe in Panzano for 3 of us, then descending back to Greve.  After Greve, we rode back an alternate route climb to Chiocchio, then over through Strada, then down to Grassina.  We broke up soon after Grassina, and Rebecca accompanied me through Cinque Vie to Piazza Ferucci, then we both took different routes home.  Fun tour, and nice to ride with the team.  I have 6 of the next 8 days working, so I enjoyed getting this day in.

Ferrone, Panzano, Chiocchio, Strada, Firenze con squadra by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The people on the team ride, plus one who joined the group to Greve, 
riding out the valley to Greve then Panzano this morning. 

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