Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Galluzzo to Radda with Michael and Amy, van assisted.

Today was the first day of 3 days with Michael and Amy, newlyweds from Toronto.  We met last night for a "welcome dinner" and talked about many things.  They are both Doctors and have just started their specialization after passing their licensing exams, then planning and having the wedding.  Yes, they really needed and deserved a vacation.  I told them last night that the weather forecast was not good, and they should consider rain shells.  When we picked up the bikes this morning, they did some shopping at Florence by Bike, and had some reasonable shells for the day.  When we picked them up, it was raining hard, and did not let up for quite some time.  The night before they had expressed a desire to ride from town, which I like to do, but with the rain and traffic, I suggested we drive over to Galluzzo to start.

In Galluzzo, it was only raining harder, but they were game, and it is my work, so I am prepared for most any conditions, and we started out.  We rode around 2/3 the way to Impruneta when Amy ran out of energy.  Starting in Galluzzo, you immediately start the hardest climb of the day, so that is a little hard.  The van picked us up and we drove to Impruneta where we had espressos, and reviewed the remainder of the day and the map.  We had some alternatives, as it was really pouring, but they really wanted to ride the bikes, and after a 15 minute break, we were back on the bikes.  I changed into my full on rain outfit, so I was pretty comfortable and dry.  Luckily, almost at the top of the climb to Chiocchio, the rain pretty much stopped and they skies were just foggy.  We were blessed for the remainder of the tour with only cloudy skies and some fog, and had outlasted the rain.  Forecast for tomorrow is more, heavier rain, so we shall see.

We stopped in Greve for a pre-arranged, pre paid lunch, which was a little heavy, but quite good.  After lunch, we retrieved the bikes from the van and Riccardo and started out to climb to Panzano.  Everyone did well on the climb, and Amy accepted a push for a kilometer or so, which made it all work.  We stopped in Panzano for another cafe, then descended to Lucarelli before climbing to Radda.  Amy accepted another push, and gave up at the rotondo before the hardest part of the climb to Radda.  Micheal wanted to finish the climb, so we did that.  We helped them to their hotel, set up a time for tomorrow and said goodbye for the day.  Thanks for a good day folks and keeping a great attitude for the entire excursion.  Hopefully, better weather tomorrow.  Here is the garmin link:

Galluzzo to Radda with Michael and Amy by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Michael and Amy in Galluzzo at the start.  It is raining.

Our van driver, Riccardo, who was great, insisted that I join
them for a picture.

Climbing toward Panzano.  Hooray, the rain has stopped.

On the descent from Panzano, finally an opportunity 
for a couple of nice pictures with a view.

Close up of the happy newlyweds.  They got married 10 days ago.

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