Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 3 with Michael and Amy, San Gimignano to Galluzzo.

After yesterday afternoon, when the skies cleared and we had some nice weather on the return to Radda, I was hopeful that the bad weather was over, at least for this 3 day tour.  Well, waking up, it was raining in Florence, but not too hard, so I kept some hope up.  As Robby and I drove to Radda, the rain only increased, and it just looked more and more socked in.  I met with Michael and Amy at the hotel, and we decided to wait out the rain to ride and took an excursion to San Gimignano to see the beautiful little town.  It just continued to rain, but while we toured the town, it pretty much stopped.  We did have the opportunity for espressos and what is called the "best gelato in the world" there.  The gelateria has won 3 competitions for best gelato, so there is something to the name.  

After returning to the van to meet up with Robby, we got the bikes and got started.  I had ridden the area a number of times, and had a good route in mind.  The descent to Certaldo is quite beautiful, and we all enjoyed.  After Certaldo, there is a gentle climb that turns serious going to Fiano.  Amy decided the van would be best for her after the serious part of the climb started, but Michael hung in there on what is really a pretty hard climb with only one break.  Good job!  

In Fiano, Amy got back on her bike, and we continued climbing on gentle grades to the ridge to Montespertoli, which is gently up and down.  After Montespertoli it is a nice descent to Baccaiano where we stopped for a panini for lunch.  Back on the bikes, we climbed to Montagnana, then descended to Cerbia, then did the final real climb to Chiesa Nuova.  Along the ridge, mostly descending to a little climb that takes you to the switchback descent to Galluzzo.  We loaded the bikes into the van here, and drove back into Florence to check the rental bikes back in, then to the train station to help them get tickets to Rome, then dropped them at their hotel.  Robby dropped me home, then I met Michael and Amy for their "farewell dinner".  They are a great couple and we had a nice 3 plus days together.  Great riding with you both!  Here is the garmin link for the ride.

Last day with Michael and Amy - San Gimignano to Galluzzo by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

San Gimignano in the distance after we started our ride there.
And, yes, this is after the weather improved and the rain stopped.

Michael and Amy facing off with San Gimignano in the background.

A posed picture with San Gimignano, where we started our ride
today, in the background.  

Starting the climb from Certaldo to Fiano.

Michael and Amy with Robby, the van driver in Fiano.

Michael, Amy, and I after Amy got back on her bike to finish
the ride from Fiano.

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