Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nice ride through La Panca in perfect, fall like, weather.

Good ride today.  I had Sette Ponte in mind, but by the time I was able to get going, the time would have been close, so I decided on a wonderful alternative.  Both Torrio and Viola are in school now, and with this being the first week, we are trying out new ways to take care of them while Kate is at work.  For now, Torrio is only at school in the morning, so Emily picked him up, and brought him back to our house (apartment).  Soon, all three of us will walk to school, pick up Viola, and all go back to Kate's apartment where Emily will stay with them until Kate comes home from work.  Of course, gelato will be had by all after we get off the bus close to Kate's apartment.

So, the longer ride was best left for another day, but I decided on La Panca, which is one of my favorites.  I ride out to Ponte a Ema, then take Via Carota to Osteria Nuova, a super nice back road.  From Osteria Nuova to San Donato, I check average speed and see how I am doing on making the climb at a good speed.  From San Donato, it is a nice descent to Incisa, with a couple of climbs thrown in and a stop for cafe and a pastry in Le Valle.  Water in Incisa, then over on the busy road to Figline, then off to climb almost to the top of Passo de Sugame, turning off to descend, then climb to La Panca.  The descent from La Panca is one of the best.  Just the right grade to really let it go and enjoy all the curves and speed.  You are on the main road before you know it, then it is pretty much a power ride through Strada in Chianti, descending to Grassina, through Cinque Vie, then home on the Viales.  Really nice ride in pretty perfect weather.

Here is the garmin link:

Untitled by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I love the way the trees above seem to line up with the 
rows of the vineyards below.

On the beautiful climb from Figline to Dudda.

La Panca, ahead, through the trees.  I liked the sky, which 
prompted me to take the photo.

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