Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2 days, 2 rides.

Yesterday, I had a meet and greet for a nice couple from Australia, and guided them to Impruneta.  We had a cafe, pastry, and I gave them maps, advice, etc. and we parted ways.  This is what my job is for this service, and I think I go a little beyond what is expected, which is fun for me.  I received a call later in the day, while on the bus going to help Emily with the grandchildren, and the Austrailians were stranded in Panzano.  Yesterday was perhaps the hottest day of the year, with a high above 40, so in the mid 100's.  Lee, the female half of the couple had simply run out of gas.  Not much I could do to help, as I was on the bus at the time, but I gave Greg some suggestions.  After arriving at the grandchildren's, I sent a message to Laura, who is one of my employers on this service, and she said she would try to contact them and see if they needed additional help.  I never heard anything else, so I hope all was fine.  

I was up early this morning, and on the bike by 7:15, which seems to be what happens when I awake at 6am.  Really nice ride this early morning, with excellent temperatures starting around 75 and rising to 85 as I rode.  I assume we will hit 100 again here today, so it is nice to get out.  The light is also really nice for photos.  I designed the ride around the hill from Sieci to the Windmill, and all the pictures are from that part of the ride.  A nice sort of figure 8 in the close in Mugello.  53.3 kilometers in 2:43 with 845 meters of climbing.  Ciao.

The rows of vineyards provide a fun foreground for this view into the Mugello.

Just another beautiful road to ride in Tuscany

Beautiful working villa surrounded by vineyards.

I love the vineyards in this hidden valley, only visible from this road.

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