Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Great solo ride to the west then south

Really nice ride today.  I planned this ride for a friend who is visiting, but did not email him until 6 or so yesterday, and by the time he read it, he could not do the ride.  He had not really ridden to the west of Florence much, which is some of my favorite riding here.  I did the ride anyway, and combined a number of favorites.  Out through the Cascine, then to Seano and up to Bacheretto.  The hard part is after the town getting to the road to Pinone, then you finish the climb to Pinone.   A cafe and pastry there, and the pastries there are just excellent, always.  Sweet descent through Castra to Limite, then into Montelupo.  I branched off my normal route here and enjoyed the super pretty, but challenging road to Montespertoli through Turbone.  A good steep climb to start, then some steep rollers all the way to Montespertoli about 10 kilometers.  From Montespertoli, my standard way back through Chiesanuova, then home.  Lots of good water breaks and a bottle or two over the head is now normal at every water break.  I kept the water breaks close enough today to do the water in the face a few times between breaks.  It keeps one cool enough in 35 C (95F) weather.  I am trying to get centigrade into my head and will be using centigrade for reference in the future.  Home by 12:30 before it goes to 39 or 40.  87.3 kilometers in 3:52 with 1145 meters of climbing.  Sweet ride!

Loved this field of sunflowers just breaking out with vineyards and hills in the background.

That shade ahead is looking good.

Fields of vineyards on the way to Montespertoli.

Here is part of the tiny road from Turbone to Montespertoli.
A challenge with lots of ups and downs, but a total pleasure to ride.

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