Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A couple days of guiding and rides.

Good couple of days, although I seem to have a lingering reaction from some food or drink from a party Sunday night.  Emily has been hit with this much harder than I, but I think a little thing is kind of hanging on inside me right now.  It seems better each day though, and I am fine riding.  Nice meet and greet yesterday with two mothers and two daughters.  The daughters were both 30, so I am guessing the Moms were 55 to 60.  Great 5 day self guided adventure for them.  They were fine for the tour and fit enough to enjoy it.  Sometimes the self guided people have me a little worried about their fitness for the rides they schedule.  These 4 were neighbors in Fairbanks, Alaska, so that says something about how tough they are.  One family has moved to Washington State, but the other remains in Alaska.  Both the younger girls are married.  Anyway, nice group of 4 adventurous women and it was fun to help them get started.  Sorry, no pictures, as they had me using their cameras at all our stops.

Today, I got out for a nice 70 plus kilometer ride not early, but in the morning.  The heat has broken for now, and we are enjoying highs in the low 90s instead of the low 100's.  It makes a difference to me.  When I am guiding, I rarely get out to the west, so that was my route today.  A favorite ride to Seano, Bacheretto, Pinone, Castra, Montelupo, then back to Firenze along the river.  Nice tail wind on the way home.  Ciao tutti, a dopo.

Loved this sculpture in Bacheretto right by the fountain and across the 
street from the bar.  It is a small town so everything is pretty much in one place.

The bar in Bacheretto where I stopped today for a cafe macchiato.

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