Thursday, July 9, 2015

Santa Brigida, Rufina, and Diacetto solo.

Up relatively early this morning and on the bike around 8:30 for a four hour plus or minus ride.  I picked a ride I have not done in a while, although the first part is getting kind of repetitive.  I did a slightly different route to Fiesole, through Pian de Mugnone, but I have Fiesole on the route because there is a good fountain for water there.  Not as hot today, but quite humid.  Not sure if 89 F with 90% humidity is better or worse.  Anyway, as long as you are moving it is pretty nice.  Along the ridge toward Vetta alle Croce, then the turn off to go over to Santa Brigida.  I don't think I have ridden this for a couple of months, as it is not a normal client ride.  Loved the ride to the Windmill, then down to Rufina.  The water in Santa Brigida was flowing hard, quite cool, and super refreshing when you put your head under the spigot.  Sweet.

Excellent pastry filled with panna in Rufina, of course with a  cafe (espresso), then the climb to Diacetto.  On the way there is one of my favorite water spots, with a spigot flowing into a basin that is full.  Perfect place to dunk the head under, then do the same with my helmet.  Feeling refreshed, I finished the climb then descended over to Pelago.  On the way back I visited a Frescobaldi spot for a possible snack / wine break for clients, as Bona Frescobaldi, the Marchese, suggested this to me.  It looks like a good spot.  Nice ride, felt good, and back in time to help for tonight's dinner party.  74.7 kilometers in 3:33 with 1200 meters of climbing.  

I love this view at the top of the climb from Rufina to Diacetto.
One of my favorite roads and a gentle, but consistent climb 
of 350 vertical meters.  

Nice villa at the top of the hill.

The road ahead, a slight descent, then a little climb to Diacetto.

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