Monday, July 27, 2015

Blowing out the cobwebs after a late night.

Yesterday I had a nice tour with a couple from London, Gordon and Karen, doing the Florence by Bike Chianti tour to Villa le Corti.  It is a great tour with a hard climb around 1/3 the way to the Villa.  They got through that climb and even on a relatively hot day had a very nice time.  After the "light" lunch and tour, we decided to return through Luiano, as they were not worried about a few extra kilometers.  We stopped just below Luiano, and it was one of those moments that makes it all worth it.  They both had expressions on their faces of wow!  Then they verbalized how wonderful they thought the descent was and how the view from our stopping point was exactly what they had dreamed of seeing in Tuscany.  Thanks for a nice tour guys.

Today, after a very late night last night, I had a meeting, then did some hopefully helpful things at home.  Emily was not feeling well, as it was  night of lots of food and wine.  I was not at my top form either, as lots of rich food and wine can certainly take it out of me and a bed time of after 1:30 is very late for me.  So, I knew a ride to blow away the cobwebs from last night would help and motivated to get out on the bike.  It of course worked, although I think a nap is calling after posting this.  I did a favorite ride of around 2-1/2 hours up Via Carota to Osteria Nuova, then up to San Donato, down to Cellai, up / over to Bombone, then down to Rosano.  Back into town through Nave a Rovezzano and home.  53.4 kilometers in 2:22 with 644 meters of climbing.

Karen and Gordon after the Giogoli climb on a nice FBB Chianti
tour to Villa le Corti yesterday.

A sample of the wonderful views after the first pitch on the 
way to Bombone from Cellai.

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