Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm back - 2 posts in 2 days means a few days off work.

After some errands this morning, which included a nice muffin with Kate and Viola at Mamma's bakery, I decided that a ride would be more fun than hiding inside, sitting in front of the fan, as the temperature in Firenze is around 100 F.  Good decision.  From watching the weather, it appears the day's high hits around 3 or 4, and stays quite hot until 9 or even later.  So, off around 12:00 on a ride designed to get to what I thought would be one of the coolest places relatively close.  Montesenario is around 800 meters of climbing in around 21 kilometers from the apartment.  Water and head dousing in Fiesole, then the same at the top with lots of water consumption also.  Felt pretty good at the top, then after getting kind of wet with water all over me, the descent was super fresh, at least the first 1/3 of it until I dried off.  The real heat did not return until around 2/3 the way through the descent around Caldine.  Fun ride, felt good even in the hot weather.

Looking back to the east on the beginning of the last part of 
the climb to Montesenario.  You can feel the simmering heat
in the valley below in the picture, or at least I can.

There is Montesenario at the top of the hill.  Only another 200
meters to climb.  

Fresh, cold water at the fountain at Montesenario.  Sweet!

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