Friday, July 10, 2015

Nice 2-1/2 hour ride with lots of climbing.

Today was mostly about getting ready for our trip to the Dolomites, for which we leave tomorrow.  We had a nice dinner party for 8 last night, and I was not in bed ready to sleep until after 1am, so I was a little sluggish as well.  So, a short tour to the rescue.  The more I feel like I don't have the energy, the more a tour gives me energy.  Today, I once again planned the tour around water availability, but had a super nice tour.  I climbed both Vincigliata and Monteloro, which are two of my favorites close to home.  Not too hot, high around 93 F, with a nice breeze.  Relatively short distance of 43.7 kilometers in a slow 2:23, but with 924 meters of climbing.  That will shake out the cobwebs.  Ciao a tutti!

I liked the iconic cypress trees on the road above Monteloro.

Above Monteloro on a beautiful day.

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