Monday, July 20, 2015

Early morning ride beats the heat!

I changed my routine this morning, which is quite a departure for me.  I did less than half my normal yoga routine, then a quick breakfast, allowing me a wake up at 6am and departure on the bike around 7am.  It is really quite hot in Florence now, and has been for a month or so.  Most days we are hitting 100F (38C) and riding in the middle of the day should be avoided.  So, I was out at 7 this morning and home from a 3-1/2 hour ride by 11 with time for a cafe on the road.  It was only really starting to get hot upon my return, and other than work, as long as it stays this hot, I will be trying to use this routine.  After returning, I did the remaining 1/2 of my yoga and it felt very good.  Nice ride, one of my favorites, out Via Carota to Osteria Nuova, then up and over the hill and down to Incisa.  Up to Dudda, then up and down through La Panca and home through Grassina.  Really nice ride with mostly quite pleasant temperatures.  Water at 4 different places on the ride, so I stayed pretty hydrated.  75.7 kilometers in 3:23 with 956 meters of climbing.  Nice to be home and riding!

Iconic Tuscan landscape and road on the way to Dudda.

Pretty vineyards just below Dudda.

The city in the valley and it looks like it is starting to get 
hot there.

The  sign shows the nature of the descent coming from La Panca,
one of my favorites.

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