Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick ride to Cercina.

After a late night last night, I just did not want to get up and out early, so I headed out at noon, before the hottest part of the day, but close.  My garmin had the average temperature at 98.7, so it just matched my body temperature.  You would think this would be comfortable, and it actually was.  Lots of errands, more information gathered for the Italian tax returns, then a nice quick ride.  I was remembering a hot summer a couple of years ago, when I decided to embrace the heat.  Starting today, I will be trying to enjoy it.  Probably a good idea, as it is here either way.  Easy to say when the mountains are waiting for us with cool temperatures on Saturday for a week.  I could not find additional water for drinking on the ride today, but for a first, I stopped by a small stream and after finishing all the water in the bottle, really enjoyed a few bottles of cold water over the head.  

On a day like today, when it is hot, the key is to find some sweet
shade like this.  It felt good.

A nice olive grove above the shade on the road to Cercina.

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