Friday, July 17, 2015

Last 2015 ride in Ortesei - more exploring, great roads, great ride.

My last ride for this year in Ortesei, and it was great.  With 6 days of riding, I simply can't or at least don't want to do more than a couple of "epic" rides.  I really enjoyed the last 2 days of what passes for taking it easy here, although between the two days, I climbed around 3500 meters in 5:30 or so.  I did more exploring today, and will be set for some different epic rides next year.  Good to have a list ready for next summer.  The roads and scenery is just so beautiful, it takes your breath away, or maybe that is all the climbing.  Either way it is super fun for me to ride here.  Back to the heat and normal life in Florence tomorrow, which is not so bad.  Last ride was 40.4 kilometers or so with 1385 meters of climbing in 2:09.

A tiny town between St. Peter and Laion.  

Amazing scenery.

Beautiful roads and hillsides.

I thought this road between Laion and Gudon was just so pretty,
with no traffic, that perhaps it was a dream.

View from a bench I stopped at on the way back from Gudon 
to Laion.  Nice spot for a snack.

Bike and bench just before getting back on for the return to Ortesei.

My reward upon my return to the Hotel Grones.  A large beer
on tap with peanuts and chips for some salt replacement.  Ciao.

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