Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 climbs, 2 descents through Cercina, just outside of Firenze.

I waited until after 5 to get started today, as I had around 4 hours of babysitting Torrio, which was pretty fun today.  It is really hot this week, so with my schedule, I figured that starting late would work.  I also have an official Italian exam by the state tomorrow, which will, I think, effect the ease with which I can continue to get all my immigration paperwork completed.  So, I rode to the location of the test just to make sure of the timing this morning.  Anyway, started after 5 and it was still around 93, or hot.  I climbed immediately, and it really was fine when I kept moving.  The heat did not really get to me at all today, and I expected it to.  Maybe a key is not to do too long a ride when it is really hot.

I climbed up Via Bolognese to the turn to Cercina in Pian de San Bartolo, then went over / up / through Cercina to the church above the town and took option number 4 down to the Careggi area.  I went back up descent option number 2, which is a pretty hard climb with lots of 15% or so.  Still, the heat did not eat me up.  Back up to the church above Cercina, then through Cercina to descent option number 1, then down and up and around Careggi and home.  Really a quite nice ride.

2 climbs / descents northwest of the apartment. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Just liked the pretty road and hedge on the way to Cercina the first time.

Almost at the top of the last hard climb to Cercina the 
second time.

A hillside villa on the way to Cercina the first time.

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