Sunday, June 1, 2014

Raduno Casellina - great route and super fun ride.

Early morning, and about 10 kilometers to the meeting point for both the team and the raduno.  I wasn't expecting many people, as I know a number of people were participating in a granfondo in Chianti today.  We  ended up with 4, which was fine.  We started out around 8, rode out to Signa, then up and over the little pass to Ginestra.  From the start it was apparent that David and I would go relatively fast, and spend some time waiting for Rebecca and John-Luc.  It is all part of riding with a group, so it is fine.  I have also been the person being waited for in the past, so it is no problem.  I was feeling energetic on the way up this little pass, and passed almost everyone who had started.  Most passed me as we waited at the top.

We enjoyed the descent to Ginestra, then we hooked back up with the large group on the way to Cerbia.  David and I stayed with the big group most the way up to Chiesanuova, and I left both David and the group on the last 1/4 of the climb to Chiesanuova.  I felt really good, and I know the group made me go faster.  We regrouped at the top, then rode mostly together over to San Casciano, then over through Mercatale to Quattro Strade.  David and I decided to wait in Greve, and we really flew down the hill from Quattro Strade then David set a very fast pace to Greve.  He decided he was like Cancellara and I was like Quintana.  We waited a bit in Greve, then had a cafe, and set off up Passo de Sugame.  The granfondo Chianti was going through Greve, as well as a junior race, as well as our raduno.  Quite the cycling scene.

We started with a mellow pace up Passo de Sugame, but a racing participant in the granfondo came up to me, and we rode together all the way to the top pushing each other pretty hard.  A definite personal best for me.  Regrouped again, then over to La Panca, where we refilled water, then down to Strada and Ferrone.  Down the main road to Falciani, then back up to San Casciano on the last real climb of the day.  From San Casciano back over to Chiesanuova, then over and down to Scandicci.  David led us back to the starting point and we enjoyed some snacks, water, picked up our free bottles of wine, then hit the last 10 k back home.  Really fun morning ride.  I love doing the big group rides. 

Raduno Casellina - great, long tour with 4 team participating. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A view across the road from the top of the last climb of the day.

A small part of the group on the way to Cerbia.  Really a blast
to ride with a large group for part of the day.

 A view on the last climb of the day, back to San Casciano.

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