Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bombone - sweet 2 hour ride.

I awoke to rain this morning, which was a surprise, as it has been holding off until 3 or 4 the last couple of days.  I went to Kate's, and borrowed her car to get to the Giro de Mugello tomorrow morning, then by the time I was home, it was sunny, and the roads were already dry.  So, time for a ride.  A relatively short ride today, as tomorrow's event is pretty hard with two big mountain passes.  So, I went off toward Bagno a Ripoli, then over to Ponte a Ema, then hooked up with Via Carota, and climbed to Osteria Nuova.  Such a beautiful road!

From Osteria Nuova, on the main road up to San Donato in Collina, where I got water and doused my head, and witnessed a wedding happening.  Fun to see, and I think this it the 4th in my last 3 rides.  Wedding season here is the same as in the US, I guess.  I descended from San Donato to Cellai and turned off for one of my favorite roads over to Bombone.  Just a super beautiful, fun road to ride.  From Bombone over to Rosano, great descent down from Villamagna, then over to Pontasieve and home on the main road.  Great, fun ride on a pretty reasonable day.  Garmin says the average temperature was 93, and it was humid, but it did not seem too hot, as it has the last few times out.  Nice to have some cooler weather.  Ciao.

Carota, Cellai, Bombone, Rosano, Sieci, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A villa on a hill with Monte Morello in the background on
the Via Carota climb.

I have been riding past a number of weddings this last week.  I
was stopped getting some water and decided to take a picture 
of this wedding party with the beautiful bride.

A great driveway on the road to Bombone from Cellai.

A villa on the hill between Bombone and Rosano.

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