Monday, June 23, 2014

Nice 2 hours in the hills north of Florence.

I was think about a day off, but the weather was good - a little hot, but not too hot - and tomorrow I do a van supported tour, which is a whole day of work, but not much riding, so I thought, how about a couple of hours close in.  Not too fast, I thought, not too much climbing, but that changed with the route.  I rode out through Le Cure, the up Via Faentina to Olmo.  I decided to ride over to Bivigliano, then down / over / up through Viliano and Casellina to the road to Pratolino.  When I got there, I did not really want to descend on Via Bolognese, so I took the road over toward Monte Morello and turned off to descend on the tiny, slightly rough road to the church above Cercina.  From there, a favorite descent to Carigge, then around Carigge to Piazza Giogini and home.  Fun ride and good to get out there.

2 hour ride in the hills North of town - perfect. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I have always loved this road over to Bivigliano from Olmo.  Today, 
part of the hillside was covered in yellow flowers.  

The little piazza as you come into Bivigliano has a nice water 
source, and this nice view to the west.  

Today, I took this little road that drops down to the church above
Cercina from the Monte Morello road.  At one point there is a 
little climb, then the road drops and you see this view of the city.

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