Friday, June 27, 2014

Fiat 500 tour, ride, and concert make for a full day.

Yesterday was really another rest day, as I had bought a voucher for a tour in classic cinque centos for Emily as an anniversary present.  She had mentioned many times that it looked like fun.  We met at a place in town and with a group of 5 cinque centos and around 6 Vespas, a guide took us on a very nice tour.  It was fun and interesting.  The old cars worked pretty well, and the service and tour the "Walkabout Tours" company were really quite good.  We finished with a very nice lunch in the city with only a little driving to return the vehicles.

We met some friends for a concert and dinner later, but I found an hour or so to get a ride in.  I am still calling it a rest day, as the ride was basically a one hour mental health piece for me.  I am just a happier person when I get a workout in, particularly on my bike.  The concert was really fun with a pianist and cellist in an old palazzo / museum.  Very intimate and just fun to be there listening to the music in such a wonderful setting.  I am feeling lucky to have the opportunity to do all this.  Ciao.

Quick 1 hour ride to the North - just right on a busy day. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Emily and I on our first break close to San Miniato.

A view of the beautiful countryside just outside of Florence.

The cinque centos in a line at a break for views
on Pian de Guiliari.

After returning to town we enjoyed a great lunch at Zeb, a wonderful
spot in the San Niccolo neighborhood.

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