Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great tour to do some scouting around Barberino and Certaldo.

I was off pretty early for me, in particular when I am riding solo, on the bike at 9 am.  It was pretty nice, around 78 when I left, and for most of the tour the temperatures were not a problem.  I went out past Piazzale Michaelangelo, then down to Galluzzo, then up through Tavernuzze to San Casciano.  I descending through Bargino, then up the valley turning to climb past Romita and Tavernelle to Barberino.  I wanted to check a route that I will use for a van supported group next Monday, and I have ridden it many times, but always climbing from Certaldo, not descending from Barberino.

Anyway, I wanted a pretty long ride after a day off yesterday, and it is a very nice area to ride, so it was mostly fun, with a little scouting thrown in.  From Certaldo, there is a challenging climb to Fiano, then more climbing along a ridge, with some descending to Montespertoli.  From Montespertoli, back to Firenze through Montagnana, Cerbia, Chiesanuova, and Scandicci.  Good ride.  My first day of the year with aggressive hydrating as a priority.  I drank lots, stopped at almost every fountain, dousing my head and drinking and filling the water bottle.  It worked, and I felt pretty good upon my return.  I remember from the last few summers that more than 4 hours out when it is this hot is mostly to be avoided.

SR2 to Barberino, then Certaldo, Fiano, Montespertoli, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Beautiful scenery and blue skies, but a little hot with an 
average temperature of 92 and a high of 104.  I even
started at 9, but the temperatures include the effect of the sun.

Beautiful road on a sizzling hot day, descending to Certaldo.

This small chapel between Barberino and Certaldo
has a dome that is an 1/8 scale replica of the Duomo
dome in Florence.  It is really out in the middle of nowhere.

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