Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A ride in the Chianti hills on day 2 with Jen and David.

We awoke to better weather this morning and met again at Pasticerria Liberta.  After a nice dinner together last night and some of the comments Jen made yesterday, I was starting to understand that she has a real problem with traffic - both vehicular and human.  She is just a person who needs space.  I had thought about this in terms of today's ride, and I wanted to go south to show them some of the Chianti area, but there is not way to do this without some time in the city.  We ended up walking the bikes from the apartment to the bike path next to the Viales, as there is no way to ride to the path without lots of traffic.  We made our way around the path to Viale Michaelangelo and up to the Piazzale.  If anything, I underestimated how uncomfortable Jen was with this type of riding.  It appeared to me she was just doing everything she could to hang in there.  No complaints, but it was pretty obvious she was not happy.

This all gradually dissipated and disappeared by the time we started climbing to Vacciano, and was pretty much gone by the time we were in San Gersole.  I think it was good to get them out there, as it is very different scenery and very beautiful.  We even had super nice weather for the ride.  I think all three of us collectively took some deep breaths and relaxed.  We had a nice break with some food in Impruneta then headed down toward Ferrone.  From there, we climbed up past Luaino to the road by Mercatale, then descended to the valley below Montefiridolfi.  I think this is a super beautiful background for pictures and we stopped and took some.  There is a fairly difficult climb to Montefiridolfi, where we took another short break and got some water.

We then enjoyed the ridge ride over to Bibbione and it was beautiful and everyone was super happy just to be there and to be riding.  I have found this ridge often brings out the best in clients.  It is very quiet with excellent views in all directions.  We descended to the valley and decided to head back so we rode down the valley a little way then up to San Casciano.  An excellent gelato break in San Casciano - great gelato - then back to Chiesa Nuova for a last water fill up before our return to the city. We rode back through Galluzzo, and the only really difficult spot was where you cut over and hook up to the main road from Tavernuzze into Galluzzo.  We were off that soon on my cut off road to the park, then back on the road to Cinque Vie.  Up and over to Piazza Ferucci, then back on the bike path to complete the return.  Jen was obviously not enjoying the return piece here, but was significantly happier than on the way out.  Overall, the return in the city was much easier than I thought it would be.  David worked really well with her in this situation, which was super helpful.

Again, I think overall, a good route and a great day.  I learned how to get someone out of town and back in who is an excellent rider, but is close to phobic about traffic.  Jen never complained, and totally hung in there in a situation that was difficult for her.  I am not sure what I would do differently in the future, but I will think about it.  43.2 miles in 4:09 rolling time for an average speed of 10.4 mph with 3504 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 78.  Great ride and great two days together David and Jen.  Thanks for the business.

A ride in the Chianti hills - Day 2 with Jen and David by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The vineyards are definitely changing colors now.  
This is in the Vacciano area.

David finishing the climb above Vacciano.

Dave and Jen riding toward Luiano.

On their honeymoon / anniversary trip, the happy
couple in the valley between Mercatale and Montefiridolfi.

On the ridge between Montefiridolfi and Bibbione.  
Anyone know what those raised clay pots are for?

Jen finishing the descent below Bibbione.

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