Sunday, October 27, 2013

Late October Raduno con Squadra.

A very fun Sunday morning ride with the team.  It has been great to be busy lately, but with nothing on the horizon, it was very fun to ride with the team again.  It had been a few weeks.  We did a raduno this morning - which is a group ride with a number of teams participating.  We had a good showing of 10 or so, and I think 8 did the long course.  Overcast skies, but no real threat of rain, keeping temperatures cool, although it was quite humid.  It was a fun course, starting in Scandicci, then over to the Tavernuzze road, then out to Falciani.  It was fun riding with the lead group here, as we were really moving and had a good sized group of around 50.

This totally broke up on the first real climb to Tavernuzze, and I managed to come in second at the top of our group, and Davide and I waited for the remainder of the group to catch us.  The big group ride was pretty much over now, and we rode the remainder of the course as a team, regrouping as needed.  From Impruneta, we rode over to Strada, then up the great road to La Panca.  I had not climbed this in quite a while, as I am using it for descents mostly these days.  From La Panca, we climbed Passo de Sugame, and it was spectacular riding.  The vineyards were in full color change, and it is just a beautiful road.  A quick regroup at the pass, then the descent into Greve.  From Greve, we hooked up with another couple of groups and really powered over to the climb by Gabbiano to Quattro Strade.  We regrouped again in Quattro Strade, and the vast majority, I think only one or two of us wanted to stay with the prescribed course, wanted to take a slightly different route to San Casciano.

Good speed to San Casciano, and the fast pace continued all the way through Chiesa Nuova to Scandicci.  We eventually all got back together at the Sortiva San Quirico, and had a nice pasta feast and received our bottles of wine.  We received a trophy, I think for placing 3rd, which is based on participation and distance ridden.  Fun day and great to be part of the riding culture here which includes these big radunos.

Fun Raduno in Chianti with the team by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The lead gruppo, which we all pretty much stayed with on the
way to the turn off for Impruneta before Falciani.

Alessandro on the way to Falciano.

The colors were awesome on the final part of the climb
to Passo de Sugame.

Lorenzo and Alessandro with the trophy for the day.

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