Friday, October 18, 2013

Workout climb to Montesenario on another perfect day.

I was planning a day tomorrow doing a walking tour with Emily and clients that I will take riding on Monday and Tuesday.  After returning from the ride, Dave called and they were delayed two days on their departure due to a strike here, and I am taking Dave and Colorado out tomorrow.  Anyway, when deciding on the ride, I wanted a good workout, but nothing too long, as I have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday planned for longer rides.  Now, I can add Saturday to the mix, but it is great to have the business and after Tuesday's tour, nothing else is booked for the remainder of the year.  Got to make hay while the sun shines.

I rode up Via Bolognese through San Bartolo, Montorsoli, to Pratolino.  I turned off in Pratolino to climb toward Bivigliano, then turned off again for the road to Montesenario.  Great climb - around 800 vertical meters in around 16 kilometers.  I enjoyed it and took a little time at the Sanctuario to mellow out and enjoy the quiet and the views.  I descended through Bivigliano then over toward Olmo, then down the main road to Fiesole.  Lots of new pavement make it super fun.  I decided to take the main route down from Fiesole, and again enjoyed the smooth, new pavement descending on the climb of the world championship course.  Back into Piazza della Cure, then home.  26 miles in 1:54 for an average rolling speed of 13.7 mph with 2766 vertical feet climbed at a nice average temperature of 72.

Beautiful Montesenario climb today. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I loved how green the fields were and the hills in the background
on this view from the climb to Montesenario, around 200 vertical
meters from the top.

View to the Southwest from Montesenario.

View to the East from Montesenario.

A view to the North from the Sanctuario at Montesenario.

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