Friday, October 11, 2013

Excellent giro de Chianti on a perfect fall day. Che Bella!

Sorry, no pictures today, but a video will be posted when I finish it.  It is a fairly time consuming process, so I am going to finish my normal "social media" postings, which is how I promote my business, then start work on the video.  It will be posted by sometime tomorrow morning my time.  I had a long ride in mind and was going to do my normal long Chianti ride through Panzano, Radda, Castellina, San Donato and home.  I thought that it might be nice to mix it up a little, and decided on doing a piece from Radda back into Firenze that I had done last February in preparation for the Gran Fondo Firenze.  When I did this part then, it was a mistake, and I was at least sort of lost, but found direcitons and my way.  Today, it was on purpose, and it is a super nice route.

One part of the ride after Radda has a sign that warns 15% - 2.7 kilometers.  Well, it is mostly correct, but that is easily the hardest part of the day.  I guess it better be as 2.7 k at 15% is a test for me anyway.  I passed the test well today, and actually enjoyed it.  I took the viales out of town and did the power cruise to Greve through Tavernuzze.  That is particularly good for me, as I am a better climber than one for cranking a hard, fast spin on a very slight uphill.  I took a break for cafe and water in Greve, then climbed to Panzano.  A nice, beautiful, mellow climb, maxing out at 7% or so for only a kilometer.  The descent from Panzano to Lucarelli is simply magic - super fun, with two really excellent roads.  The climb to Radda from Lucarelli, is also great, with the majority being at around 2% so you can crank in the big ring.

After Radda, it is off on a tiny road with the steepness referenced above.  However, a good road surface, almost no traffic, and super views.  You crest at a nice little pass, then a super descent through Lucolena to the main road where you turn toward Dudda.  Dudda is less than a kilometer away, and then the turn for La Panca is another kilometer or so.  A little descent, then a short climb to La Panca, then one of my favorite descents.  This piece is why I took the video camera today.  Hopefully the video will get some of the beauty and fun of the descent for anyone to see.  After the descent, up to Strada, then a good break for some food and water, then a power ride home with a good descent into Grassina.  65 miles overall in 4:17 rolling time for an average speed of 15.2 mph with 4587 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 67.  Super Fun!

Nice giro de Chianti - Radda, Lucolena by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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