Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet fall ride - Sette Ponte and Vallombrosa.

I did a nice ride yesterday, but the camera battery was dead, so I did not blog about the ride.  It was a 40 kilometer ride sort of close in to the north with a fair amount of climbing.  The weather today was super, and I decided to do a fairly long, difficult ride.  I have ridden this route a number of times, and it is just a great ride.  I am loving the new way between Ponte a Ema and Osteria Nuova and use it all the time now.  Good climb to San Donato in Collina, and an even better descent to the crossing of the Arno by the outlet malls.  Then the least nice part of the ride, over to Faella, then it gets quite nice on the final climb to Castelfranco.  More water there and I am ready to enjoy the Sette Ponte route into Regello.  What a fun ride.  Just one of the best roads ever for a road bike.  Loved it today.

Had a break in Regello with a cafe and a slice of pizza.  Then, the big climb awaits.  From Regello to Saltino it is about 600 vertical meters in around 7 kilometers, so you can figure out the slope.  It averages out to be pretty steep, and with a day that includes 5200 vertical feet, it was hard for this old man.  I did manage Personal Bests on the climb according to Strava, which is a little surprising as I was not really working it.  My typical pace must be accelerating as I ride more and more.  I enjoy all the Strava comparisons and always post and check Strava after a ride.  It was a little cool in Saltino and Vallombrosa, which is maybe a kilometer away and around 40 meters higher.  A really nice descent, although I kept the speed under control, as the roads up there were wet with lots of fallen leaves, which can translate to slippery.

The road was totally dry by Tosi, and I let it go then.  Lots of fun into Pelago, then over to the main road and the end of the descent into Pontesieve.  Probably around 3200 vertical on a pretty continuous descent - sweet.  From Pontesieve, it is the normal power ride into town and home.  I was feeling tired, but very happy with an excellent ride.  Love it.  66.5 miles in 4:40 rolling time for an average speed of 14.2 mph with 5203 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 74.  Ciao.

Sette Ponte and Vallombrosa on a perfect Fall day by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The vines are definitely changing colors.  This is on the road
between Ponte a Ema and Osteria Nuova.

One of the big views from the pull out at Saltino.

This palazzo is just above the pull out in Saltino.

The final push into Saltino after a 900 vertical meter climb.

Fall colors close to Vallombrosa in a nature area.

More fall colors approaching Vallombrosa.

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