Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Connecting rarely ridden pieces for a fun ride.

I had a pretty open day, did a few errands this morning, but had time for a nice 3 hour ride.  It could have been longer, but with my saddle sore, I did not want to push it.  The good news for me is the saddle sore is much better and less then 1/2 as painful as yesterday.  Hooray.  Well, probably more than enough of that - too much information?

In designing today's ride, I wanted to be able to cut it short if need be and thought of riding a few pieces I don't often ride.  The pieces I wanted to include were the downhill cutting from the Monteloro descent to the descent from Alberaccio.  I used to ride this alot with Don and Kay and when I lived in Santa Brigida.  I then thought about the descent from Fornello to Molin de Piano.  I had not ridden this in a couple of years since we were living up there.  It was spectacular and full of switchbacks on a tiny, tiny road.  Really fun.  Then the climb from Sieci to Molino de Vento which has become a favorite.  It is a nice, challenging climb, but the views going up this valley are spectacular and today did not disappoint.  Last piece was the descent from the windmill area to Pontesieve.  I had not ridden this in over a year, and it also was really fun.  I need to ride it more often, but when I am over there, I usually go to the "Popes road" as it is one of my favorites.  After that, it was simply power riding home on the main road from Pontesieve.  39.4 miles in 2:58 rolling time for an average speed of 13.3 hop with 3264 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 72.

JRA (Just riding around) to the North and East by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are 4 views from the climb to Molino de Vento from Sieci.
This awaits you as soon as you leave Sieci.

Around a couple of corners it is totally vineyards with this beautiful
Palazzo in the center.

More vineyards as you hit the flat part in the middle of the climb.

And at the top (almost) the vineyards are starting to change to 
their autumn splendor.

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