Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pinone, Limite, Ginestra, Marliano, Scandicci on a nice late spring day.

I am planning on joining the team for a raduno tomorrow, and I had been to the meeting place once before, but wanted to verify the location today.  To do this it took me out toward Signa, so I went with the flow and did a really fun tour that direction.  I am really into the ride through Comeana, and Carmignano to Pinone these days, and I had a tail wind today which helped me to a personal record.  A quick stop for a cafe machiato and water refill, then it was down the super fun descent to Limite.  What a great ride this is.  Just a few kilometers on the main road into Montelupo, then out the valley road to Ginestra.

On the way, I decided on going up from Ginestra and through Marliano to descend to Scandicci.  I used to ride this piece often, and I still really enjoy it when I ride it.  Entering Marliano today, I started "Buffalo Soldiers" by Bob Marley in my head and it was with me the remainder of the ride.  I enjoyed the descent into Scandicci, then it was home on the main roads.  Really fun tour, just the right amount of time and distance for today.  Tomorrow will be longer, and i wanted to watch the Giro today on the last day of climbing, including the famous Zoncolon.  I have no idea how the pros can do such a difficult climb as fast as they do.  It is amazing.  I picked Quintana to win in our pool with the team, and it looks like I will win.  Sweet.  Ciao.

Signa, Pinone, Limite, Ginestra, Marliano, Scandicci, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I really love the switchbacks on the descent to Limite.  I have 
often wanted a picture of one, but I never want to stop.  I 
forced myself to stop and take a couple of photos today.

One of the last switchbacks on the descent to Limite.

Love the name of this little town.  It had me singing
Bob Marley songs the remainder of the ride.

Cruising into Marliano.

A little peak a boo view at the top of the last climb above
Santa Maria a Marciola.

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