Thursday, October 9, 2014

Classic Chianti tour on day 4 with Pete and Gail

Today was a first.  The first time I have guided clients on this classic Chianti ride.  We had a good day, and both Pete and Gail are strong, experienced riders.  Like yesterday, I will let the pictures tell the story, but a good tour with 120 kilometers in and 1700 meters of climbing on a wonderful fall day in Tuscany.  Here is the garmin link for information about the ride.

Classic Chianti tour with Gail and Pete - Radda, Castellina by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Gail and Pete at Piazzale Michaelangelo on the way out of town.

The vines are really changing.  This picture is between 
Strada in Chianti and Chiocchio.  Che Bella!

Gail on the final push to Spedalezzo.

Pete on the climb to Panzano.

Gail finishing the climb to Panzano.

Radda in Chianti is really a beautiful town.  This is a view
from the water fountain as you come into town.

The light was perfect in the valley riding toward Bargino.  
Great day.

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