Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quick late afternoon ride to Pratolino, Olmo, and back home.

We have a guest arriving a day plus early tomorrow, so this morning was filled with shopping for groceries and cleaning.  Emily, Kate, and I had already planned a lunch for my birthday, and we met in town at 1:00 and had a simply spectacular lunch.  Afterward we saw a special exhibit at the Uffizzi with photos of women who did hunger strikes to try to stop the Mafia violence in Sicily in the mid 1990's.  Very powerful pictures.  Really amazing.  Somehow the photographer captured something in their eyes that was amazing.  Afterward, I arranged for the bike rental to be 2 days early for the person coming tomorrow, and then suited up for a quick ride, as it was already 4pm.

Up Via Bolognese to Pratolino, averaging 17.8 kph, which seems quite fast to me.  I will check Strava later to see if it was a personal best.  I continued up past Pratolino to the road to Olmo, then enjoyed the contouring ride over to Olmo, then the super sweet descent back to Firenze.  Great ride, and again, I am so lucky to have wonderful options for short rides right out the door.  Ciao.

Via Bolognese, Pratolino, Olmo, Caldine, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The last little bit of climbing after the junction with the road
over to Olmo.  Cloudy and dark, but beautiful.

A bit brighter looking toward Fiesole.

Love this little contouring road as I start the descent.

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