Friday, October 31, 2014

Great fall ride on another perfect day.

I had a great ride early this afternoon after a morning of errands and changing the closet out for winter clothing versus summer.  My winter clothing is really more appropriate for the current weather, so it was time for the change.  Love today's ride, and the weather was perfect.  On the climb to Monteloro, I heard a couple of guys almost right when I started my climb from Le Falle.  They did not catch me until around 1/2 the way up, then one dropped his friend and I and we pedaled together, pretty competitively until around 1 kilometer from Monteloro, when I dropped him.  I know it's ego, but it felt pretty good.  I am continuing my format changes, as it has been pointed out to me that sharing the garmin link gives away my routes.  I have mixed feelings about not posting this, as the business is mostly to share my passion for the riding here.  But, it is a business and Emily and I need the small amount of money I make from it.  So, I will try not sharing the garmin link.  Here is the ride summary information, though.  42.0 miles in 2:51 rolling time for an average speed of 14.7 mph with 3734 vertical feet climbed.  Total kilometers for the year at 16,906, leaving 3.094 km to get to 20,000.  So, two months with a little over 1500 k will do it.  I should make it.

Emily and I are going to our favorite pizza place in Florence tonight, La Bussola, and I will give the pizza I have yet to order my daily taste treat.  I am thinking a prosciutto crudo pizza.  Ymmmmmm.  Italian for the day - prosciutto (ham) crudo (raw or smoked or salted) Here it is mostly salted and smoked, and it is really good!

Ciao a tutti!

I love the fall colors and the perspective forced on your mind
with the rows of the vineyards fading away.  Che bella!

A few of the vines and a couple of villas in the background
on another perfect day for riding in the Tuscan countryside.

Beautiful road and the tree frames the view on the way to Bombone.

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