Monday, October 27, 2014

Solo ride to Montesenario on a cool day.

My first solo ride in a couple of weeks, and it was quite nice.  I am not sure why, but climbing Montesenario popped into my mind while putting up more shelves in the storage closet that Emily wanted to put up.  Our storage is quite limited, so it was a good idea.  After getting the shelves complete, I suited up and was out the door around 1 pm.  The temperatures have turned seasonal, which is nice, but also, the time for short sleeved jerseys may be over.  I did short sleeves today, but had arm warmers that I never even thought about rolling down or taking off.  The climb felt really nice today, and it is a pretty constant climb from the apartment on the route I took.  The first part stays relatively gentle, but then it kicks up to around 7% above Caldine, and stays pretty steady at that grade to the turn off for the Montesenario road.  It quickly goes to 10 to 15%, but does not stay there long.  It was really quite cool on top with temperatures around 55 and a wind around 20 mph.  I just got a new Goretex windstopper vest, which is a great garment, and it is perfect for the weather right now.  On the descent, it warmed up around 2/3 the way down and felt pretty good in Firenze.  Great, fun ride today.

A couple of taste treats - last night Emily made an excellent carbonara with pancetta and mushrooms. I love this recipe.  At Montesenario there is a fountain, and the water is simply great.  I give that my second taste treat of the day.  I am enjoying the remainder of the water from that fountain as I write this.  Italian phrase of the day - fontana de aqua - water fountain.  A very useful phrase, as most towns have good water at a public fountain, and if you ask - Dov e la fontana de aqua - most villagers will direct you to the water.  No need to carry more than one bottle.

Here is the garmin link:

Montesenario solo - cold up there. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The views were wonderful on the climb to Montesenario, so 
I managed a couple of pictures while climbing. This is to the West.

The ride's objective on the hill ahead, the sanctuary at Montesenario,
a still active monastery, and a great climb on a bike.

Almost there, the sanctuary is just ahead.

Rows of hills, which describes the landscape here in the 
distance with the bike and cross in the foreground.
My idea of an artistic photo.

Another picture of the hills and valleys from Montesenario,
a slightly different location for the picture.

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