Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Excellent day 2 with Pete and Gail to the west and south.

We had a great second day out together today.  Pete and Gail are both strong riders, fun people, and a pleasure to guide.  I had a "recovery" day in mind, but we did the route I planned, and I guess I had miscalculated the distance ahead of time.  We ended up with around 100 kilometers with 1200 meters of climbing, which doesn't really count as a recovery day.  We all enjoyed the day, though, and that is all that really matters.  We rode out through the Cascine then to Signa, continuing up to Carmignano to Pinone.  A nice stop for a cafe in Pinone had us ready for the descent, one of my favorites, to Limite.  Just lots of fun.

We rode into Montelupo, got some water, and discussed options.  We decided on my original plan, and headed up the valley to the turn off to climb the little backroad to Montagnana.  We continued up the ridge to San Pancrazio, then descended to Ponterotto, where we stopped for some excellent pastries and cafe.  The last climb to San Casciano was next, followed by the ridge ride through Chiesa Nuova then down the switchbacks to Galluzzo.  We opted for the longer route with less traffic and went on Cinque Vie then over to Piazza Ferrucci, then back home.  Really great ride and great job team.

Gail and Pete, day 2 - Pinone, Montelupo, Montagnana, S.Pancrazio, S.Casc. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Gail checking out the view - the vines are definitely changing colors.

Pete taking a picture on the ridge before Montagnana.

Gail on the ridge going toward Montagnana.

The second of the posed pictures on the ridge between 
Montagnana and San Pancrazio.

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