Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 5 with Pete and Gail, wandering up and down the hills north of town.

After 4 days of pushing the time and mileage together, today was to be an easy day.  Compared to the last 4, it kind of was.  We were only in the saddle for around 3.5 hours which certainly makes it the shortest day.  We did however climb around 1350 vertical meters with is lots for an easy day.  They had really enjoyed the riding around Santa Brigida, and Gail was happier not dealing with traffic, so we went north from the Apartment.  We went through LeCure, then up Via Faentina to Pian de Mugnone, then climbed to Fiesole, then up to the road over to Montebeni then the fun, fast descent to Compiobbi.

A kilometer or two on the main road, then off at Le Falle, and the climb through Monteloro to the road above Fiesole.  Really nice climb and beautiful scenery made for lots of fun.  We continued up toward Vetta ai Croci, then went over to Bivigliano.  At Bivigliano, we turned down to go through Valiano, then Caseline to Pratolino where we stopped for cafe and pastries.  Both were excellent, and the person helping us was enthusiastically showing us pictures of his I think Uncle, who just passed away, but used to own the bar, and was a former pro racer and one of Coppi's main domestic.  He placed in the top 10 in all three grand tours, which is pretty cool.  Anyway, great break, and Pete in particular was really into being able to talk with this guy (through me with my fractured Italian) about the history of racing.  Pete raced for around 20 years, so he is into it.

We finished the ride by going down to Pian de San Bartolo, then did my Cercina route to the detour around Careggi, then home.  Another great day.  They were both quite strong riders and simply a pleasure to guide around here.  They really loved the cycling and were super enthusiastic, which makes my job so much easier.  Thanks for riding with Cosimo guys.  Ciao.

Pete and Gail, day 5, Wandering the hills north of home. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A candid shot of Pete and Gail, both of whom either just took a 
picture or were getting ready to take a picture.  We were on the 
way to Compiobbi from Fiesole on the high road.

The dappled colors on the vineyard on the hillside are the 
vines changing color.  So pretty.

This vineyard above Monteloro was really glowing with the color change.

On the way back, we stopped in Pratolino and had cafe and pastries.
The person helping us gave us the history of the place, some of which
I knew, showing us many pictures of his Uncle (I think) with Fausto
Coppi in all 3 grand tours, in which he finished all three in the top 10.
Pretty cool part of Italian cycling to meet up with people like this with
history in the sport.  He also discussed our ride today and had to tell
me his favorite spots in the area.

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