Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great Sunday ride con squadra.

Quite and excellent ride with the team this morning.  I was unsure what kind of turn out we would have, as the time "fell back" last night.  I thought some would show up on the old time zone.  Luca Lacalmita had texted me to get me to join him on the ride, and I said I would be there.  We had 18 present and we all rode together to Montespertoli, where we stopped for a while.  As it was all in Italian, I got most of what was going on - one of the team had a friend there, but he was not home.  A phone call ensued, then we all waited for him, but he did not want to serve cafe to 18 - imagine that.  We ended up finding a bar open, had a cafe there, then started back out.  During the stop, many route discussions were had, and 6 of us decided on a longer route, which was really great.  Sorry, no map today, as for some reason the Garmin lost the day while connecting to the computer the first time.  It may have been operator error, as it said working, I was impatient, disconnected it, the reconnected it. Alas, the activity was gone.  I entered it manually, as I am setting a goal of 20,000 kilometers for the year, which seems reachable.  I don't want to loose the 100 k we rode today though.

When we stopped in Fiano, after the day's hardest climb, we had a little time to wait for some of the group.  Luca got some bread that was awesome - no yeast used, but really tasty with grains, nuts, and carrots.  It was definitely the taste treat of the day.  Italian phrase of the day - Un grande gruppo or "one large group", which was the description of the group at Illiopesca at 8:15.  The manually entered information is at the garmin link below.  Ciao.

Sunday con squadra - Ginestra, Certaldo, Fiano, Tavernelle, Fi by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

For some reason at the start of the ride, I was leading.  I tried
a couple of over the head / behind me pictures, and this 
one is the best.  I did not get most of the 18 riding this morning.

In the process of dropping back for a picture of the whole
squadra this morning.  Most are here.

After dropping back to be the last, I got this shot of the large 
group this morning.  What a beautiful day!

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