Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Into the Mugello for day 3 with Pete and Gail.

With lots of pictures today, I will let the captions tell the story of today's ride.  It was another great day, day 3 with Pete and Gail.  We rode into the Mugello and had a wonderful day.  Here is the garmin link:

Into the Mugello - day 3 with Gail and Pete by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A stop on the way out of town at the piece of art that commemorates
the Mondiale (world championships) last year.

They loved the route from Alberaccio to Doccia, through Santa
Brigida.  Lots of "Wows" going on.  Here they are doing one of
the short but steep climbs on the way to Fornello from Santa Brigida.

I love the views on the way to Doccia, so while they stopped to
take more pictures, I snapped this one for myself.

On the way to the windmill (molino de vento) enjoying the 
beautiful, tiny roads.

We rode over to Dicomano after descending to Rufina, and this is the 
great little road between Dicomano and Sagginale.  Love this ride.

As we approached the base of the climb to Vetta ai Croci, I
caught Gail, then Pete in these action shots.

What a great third day riding together.  Tomorrow a long ride
to the South, my version of the classic Chianti tour.

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