Tuesday, October 14, 2014

San Donato and La Panca on a pleasant but shower filled day.

Today was supposed to be the best weather of the week, but I managed to find showers, one time pretty hard three times on today's ride.  I found shelter the one time it really rained, and all three showers passed by in five minutes or so, so it was actually quite pleasant for riding.  I left the city via Ponte a Ema, then did the climb on Via Carota to Osteria Nuova.  Continuing up to San Donato, this is where I caught some real rain.  I finished the climb on very wet roads, and started the descent to Incisa carefully on wet roads.  Around 1/3 the way down, the roads dried up and all was well.  Sweet!

From Incisa, it is around 5 kilometers of busy, sort of industrial roads, to the turn to climb Passo de Sugame.  Great climb today, and I actually had some sun on the climb.  I stopped in Dudda for a cafe and pastry, and when I set out, very light showers started, but stopped quickly.  A little wet road conditions for the La Panca descent, but again dry roads after around 1/4 this time.  I needed to be back to help with the Vittorio and Viola pick up at school, so I took it home through Strada and Grassina to Firenze.  All in all, another great ride here in Toscana.  Here is the garmin link for more information:

Carota, San Donato, LaPanca, Strada, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Such a pretty road and climb to Dudda from Figline.  A rare appearance
by the sun today as well.

I love the changing colors on the vineyards, here at one
of Sting's properties.

Vineyard closer to Dudda and my break for cafe and pastry.

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