Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2 hour mid afternoon ride to the North.

I had a very nice 2 hour ride today, and enjoyed a fair amount of climbing even after the long ride with lots of climbing yesterday.  I am a little put out as I write, as the Garmin Express link has just decided that my operating system is to old - 5 years - to deal with.  It apparently means a new operating system, and a full back up of my computer, which I am not going to do without some thought.  Enough of that.  I rode up Via Bolognese to Pratolino, up from Pratolino toward Vetta alla Croce, then tuned off to take the pretty little road through Casellina and Viliano to just past Bivigliano.  A little ways of the road to Vaglia, then a turn off on a tiny road up, over, up, and down to Polcanto.  The road is a little rough in places, but really quite fun.  In Polcanto, it is back on the main, Via Faentina, road up to Vetta alla Croce, then down Via Faentina home.  Great ride.  The strava link should work, maybe I should just forget about the Garmin link.  

After a quick shower, Emily and I attended a gymnastics show for Viola's school class.  Around 12 very cute 5 year old girls, doing some simple, fun movements.  Really fun.  A lecture at the Stanford facility after that, then home for the night.  Ciao.

Check out Via Bolognese, Pratolino, Vigliano, Polcanto, Vetta ai Croce, Firenze on! It's a 42.0 km ride I did on Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

Another beautiful little road in the Tuscan countryside.

View to the west from just below Viliano.

A villa on the back way from Bivigliano to Polcanto.

What a beautiful little road between Bivigliano and Polcanto.

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