Friday, May 16, 2014

Fiesole with 8 Canadians on a FBB tour. Great day!

I had an interesting tour set up for today, as it was different for me, and I did not have much information before we started.  The shop had called to see if I could do this tour today, and they only knew that there were 8 people, they wanted to get started by 11:00 and needed to be done by 2:00.  There were confusing communications about race bikes versus hybrid bikes.  I had a couple of options in mind, as I had no idea how fit the group was.  We met at the shop around 10:45, and they were easily persuaded that the hybrid bikes would be best for them, which was the case.  The group needs to work to the slowest person's pace, and there were a few who definitely wanted hybrids, so it made sense.  We also were able to get going quicker, as the hybrid set up is easier.

I led them out of the city under the sotto passegiato to the piazza Le Cure, and we accessed the road to Fiesole.  They stayed with me quite well getting out of the city, which is quite difficult with 8 people in traffic.  On the Fiesole road, the group quickly showed how fast it would ride when we encountered the beginning of the hill.  There were a couple of people that struggled with the climb to Fiesole, and 2 people walked the last part.  I did some pushing assists while riding, and everyone was fine and happy with the climb, even with the difficulties.  We regrouped in the piazza, and I suggested that some people could stay and enjoy a cafe and pastry while some could ride up toward Vetta alla Croce with me.  3 stayed, 5 started with me, and 1 turned around, so we ended up with 4 going almost to Vetta alla Croce.  They all really enjoyed the extra riding and a faster pace.  We returned on the same road and picked up the remaining 4 who were happily enjoying the scene in the piazza.

We returned via Pian de Mugnone, doing most of the World Championship loop today.  No Via Salviati!  We made it back into the city fine and were back at the shop 5 minutes early.  It turned out to be a fun day and all 8 clients were super happy, which is all that really matters.  So, another different type of tour under my belt.  Tomorrow out with the team for fun and a harder work out.  Ciao.

Fiesole with some extras on a FBB tour for 8 Canadians by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Here is the group at the Mondiale sculpture on the way to Fiesole.

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