Monday, May 5, 2014

Quick late afternoon ride to Cercina.

Today, I had two clients arrive for 5 days of riding, which will start tomorrow.  This afternoon I met them and both Emily and I took them around Florence and had a nice lunch out.  After we returned from the Centro, I helped fit my two rental bikes for them, then went out for a quick afternoon ride as it always makes me feel good.  Also, it was truly shorts and short sleeve weather for riding, which is nice.  I just rode up Via Bolognese to Pian de San Bartolo, then cut off to ride over / up to Cercina, then the church above Cercina, then took a different option for the descent.  Great ride, incredible weather.  Tomorrow we start the tours with Nate and Tina who seem like they will be fun clients to guide.  Ciao.

Check out Via Bolognese, Pian de San Bartolo, Cercina, Careggi, Firenze on! It's a 24.2 km ride I did on Monday, May 5, 2014.

The road just before Cercina.

I love this road just above Cercina.

The road on the way to the church above Cercina.

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