Saturday, May 17, 2014

Passo della Consuma con squadra, 3 for Monteloro and Montefanna.

This morning I met the team for a great ride.  We left Illiopesca and picked up additional people on the way who did not want to go the opposite direction for the meeting, and ended up with 9 riding all the way to the top of the pass.  It was simply a perfect morning to ride this "big" pass here.  It is around 1050 meters of pretty direct climbing from Florence and around 950 meters from Pontasieve in 15 kilometers.  The weather was cool, but warm enough for the arm warmers to be down at the wrists until around 2/3 the way up.  Andrew and Davide were waiting for me at the top, and Leonardo, whom I would guess is the strongest waited for others around 1/2 the way up and rode with them most of the way.  It was fun to wait at the top and cheer others as the finished this tough climb.  Andrew had to get back to town, so he left with Damiano before the remaining 4 arrived.

We had a nice break at the top, discussing alternatives for our return, but ended up going back down the same road, which is after a great descent.  We regrouped before Pontasieve at the end of the climb and again in Sieci.  3 of us broke off and finished the day by climbing up past Monteloro, then taking the turn off to climb Montefanna, which is much more user friendly from this side, then descending through Fiesole and returning home.  Just a wonderful ride - thanks team!

Consuma con squadra - Monteloro, Montefanna con 3 by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Such a beautiful morning, I had to take a photo on the way up the pass.

The sign for the pass on the other side of the road is not covered
with stickers and you can actually read the 1050 meters elevation.

The team at the top.  Che Bella!

Zanobi took this picture of the team at the top with me in it.

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